2019-6-24  economy and cleaning up this problem, ground-level cement consumption will start improving." For the moment, however, Ramco says it will continue playing to its strengths in South and East India, rather than focus on becoming a ... increase cement production to 20 million tonne per annum by 2020. ... "Unlike other high-strength cement, Ramco ...

  • A Cement - Ramco Systems

    2012-6-22  cement manufacturing company: “Cement manufacturing is a complex mix of processes. Even the process of recording the production output and raw material consumption is different. The finished goods move through many destinations before reaching the customer so tracking the goods and the costs incurred during transit are unique to the cement

  • Managing a Big Data project: The case of Ramco

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  • Ramco Cements expects flat FY20 as it plans

    Ramco Cements expects flat FY20 as it plans production boost Updated : May 31, 2019 06:24 PM IST ... Ramco Cement is planning to boost its capacity to 20 million tonne by the end of next year, although the company doesn’t expect to grow much in the current fiscal. ... If the government could focus on freeing up the economy and cleaning up ...

  • What are the most common problems in

    On a very broad level, these are the challenges that most manufacturing companies face today: 1. Delivery Responsiveness. In this fast moving world, no one wants to wait! It’s becoming more and more critical for the manufacturing companies to...

  • How to Solve Common Concrete Problems in

    One of the most repeated problems in concrete is crazing. Crazing occurs when the surface shows several interconnected fine cracks or when the cement paste comes up to the surface and shrinks. Although the concrete strength probably is not affected, cracks will show up when the slab is damp.

  • Sanjib Raut - Deputy Engg-Technical Services - The

    Customer oriented problem solver with an ability to adapt to new situations. A quick learner with a desire for continuous personal growth. Diverse technical experience includes: 1. Mix design of Concrete ... Technical Service at The Ramco Cement Ltd. Rajib Ghosh. Rajib Ghosh Deputy Engineer Technical Services The Ramco Cement Ltd . FAISAL A ...

  • Cement Manufacturing Process Phases Flow Chart ...

    Cement is the basic ingredient of construction and the most widely used construction material. It is a very critical ingredient, because only cement has the ability of enhancing viscosity of concrete which in returns provides the better locking of sand and gravels together in a concrete mix.

  • Ramco cement BI Case Study - SlideShare

    Ramco cement BI Case Study 1. Ramco Cement Limited insight into their marketing analytics APDS IIMC CASE STUDY BY GROUP A ABHISHEK, ADITYA, AMIT, ANAND, MADHUP, NIKITA, PRONOND, SAUMAK VISHAL 1 2. Content • Background • Business model • How did business intelligence help Ramco in effective problem solving?

  • Which Brand of Cement is best for House

    2019-12-17  2. Can same type of Cement be used for all Cement Applications? Yes, Different types of cements have to be used in construction. Different types of Cement have different properties which can be best exploited to both save you money and improve the quality of construction.. As discussed earlier, the recommended type of cement for all RCC works is OPC 53 Grade as they have high initial and ...


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